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Different Types Of Industrial Weighing Equipments

Various types of weighing equipments and scales are used in big industries to weigh different materials.  In most cases, the process of weighing is an integral part of the production that helps the manufacturers in determining the number of materials used at various stages as well as of the finished products. Industrial weighing machines and indicators are designed to weigh heavy objects, including vehicles like trucks. In this review, we will be considering the commonly used weighing scales varieties and their industrial application.

Weight indicator

Weight indicator is a commonly used industrial weighing equipment that comes with a digital display unit. They are quite important when you want to calculate the exact weight of a material. These indicators provide their weight data with a high level of accuracy and display it on a small screen. This data can be used for various purposes, including production control and optimized revenue management. Weigh indicators are of various types and most of them can be connected with common industrial weighing machineries like Load rite scales, wheel loaders, and heavy-duty truck weighing scales. Modern weight indicators make use of artificial intelligence to calculate the precise weight with more accuracy and speed. It also has the capacity to sync the loading data.

Grain brain

Grain Brain is a popular weighing system used in the agricultural sector for weighing grains. The machine works on an automated system that controls the functioning of an auger weighing equipment. The special technology of the equipment facilitates automatic weight management. Grain Brain can be customized to suit the needs of individual augers, so as to compute the accurate weight of different crop varieties. These equipments can be easily operated and the installation process is comparatively less complex.  The machinery can be integrated with a digital indicator that displays the weight of the grains as they are harvested. Nowadays, most of the farmers use Grains Brains to weigh crops like linseed, beans, peas, and canola.


Weighbridges are used in different industrial sectors to check the weight of huge vehicles. Nowadays, various types of advanced Weighbridges are available that can offer fast and accurate readings. They are useful in checking the weight of goods after loading them onto pickup vans or trucks. Different types of Weighbridges like portable truck scales are used in production setups were inventories are weighed at different stages to know the number of raw materials procured and finished products supplied to different dealers. High-capacity Weighbridges are extensively used by transportation services. In every state, freight vehicles are subjected to certain weight limitations and if these regulations are not met, the owners get penalized heavily.