Features Of A Bouncy House

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These are inflatable structures that we see often at birthday parties for children, though they are also found in entertainment parks, festivals and fairs. Bounce houses come in different shapes and sizes and could be simply a bouncy platform or have several stories added. Many come with several levels and a bouncy slide as well. The structures are popular not only with children, but grownups as well.

From old to new bouncy houses

The first bouncy house was created in the late fifties after which they are popular in different forms and sizes today. The incarnations that you find today were not present in older times. While bouncy houses in olden times did not have the necessary protective features, nowadays the inflatable structures that come as jumping castles hire Melbourne are dependable and safe structures that will ensure that children do not fall or hurt themselves against the walls or fall of these structures. An interesting fact to note is that, bounce houses were originally called Space Walks which was the name given to them by John Scurlock, the first manufacturer.

Features of new bouncy houses

The modern bouncy houses have different designs and structures. These could be designed as castles that are most popular which could be of different themes, from fantasies to popular Disney characters or story book based. Some have several levels included with tunnels and slides that make them more fun. Indeed, there are adult jumping castle hire options that are large bouncy houses which can safely support the weight of adults as well. These are usually found in large entertainment parks or fairs where large bouncy houses are set up where kids are usually accompanied by adults. These are usually akin to inflatable mattresses that are made of thick layers of rubber, nylon or vinyl. The bouncing deflates the mattresses and hence, there are electric fans that constantly fill them with air.

How to hire one?

If you wish to have a bouncy house set up in your backyard or any other outdoor area, there are vendors who specialize in the supply of inflatable bouncy houses. Nowadays it is convenient to order one as most vendors have their products listed in online catalogs. Hence, it is easy to hire one by looking at the online catalogs of these suppliers. The rentals and other terms are also mentioned on the websites which makes it convenient to contact the suppliers and order a bouncy house rental as per your occasion date, the number of hours you wish to rent and so forth.